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Digital Transformation Agency

a challenger agency

Our Work

Global Telco

A Global Telco struggling to build a 1-1 relationship with its customers

Large Breakdown Company

Mis-alignment of digital transformation programme with business objectives

Betting & Gaming company

Outdated sports and racing betting platform integrating with a number of 3rd party systems


"Solving Business Problems at the intersection of Design & Ai"

Digital is transforming all sectors, but what makes it relevant now is the impact, as it touches every part of our business and consumer touch points, marketing, commerce, after sales.


Our ambition is to try and bring a digital ecosystem, to foster a  seamless and frictionless  integration enterprise content across a single unified customer journey.


We will automate and personalize key customer journey across each of the customer stages from pre purchase,  existing customer, to post customer experience.


Our Recipe for a  successful Customer experience utilises six keys AI/Machine learning use cases to improve and influence our design experience:


Personalisation, Prediction, Optimisation, Segmentation, Automation & Classification

Transformation Ingredients

Our story starts here. 

As the customer expectations evolve every instant, enterprises find it increasingly challenging to bridge the gap between the customer expectations and the enterprise ability to deliver.

Why? because too often, enterprise organisations still plan and invest in lengthy 3+ year strategies, with exceptionally large teams, falling way behind digital trends.


We are in an era where 'startups' are now a major force, creating disruption in all sectors. How? because they can try, test and launch initiatives in the same time, that you might run a typical planning session! Driving immediate value through engaging experiences and deploying in a heartbeat.

So how do you compete in this market ?

LibraryXproject was set up to specifically address these challenges, using our unique 'Kaizen' approach, we harnesses niche talent and deliver value at speed and with certainty: of time, quality & commercials.


See some Examples of Our Work.