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Case Study Telco Transformation  

"In a world where we are seen to be selling the same commodity product and differentiation is minimal, how do we improve ARPU and optimise customer experience"

The Challenge

The customer faced numerous challenges in delivering a unified experience across channels and platforms.

Profiling the customer, with the right product offering, pre-paid, contract and additional services to drive increased ARPU, was problematic as there was no single view of the customer.

Customer was faced with increasing challenges from direct competitors and 3rd parties as product and service differentiation was not compelling enough, leading to price driven decisions.

​New customer acquisition and retention strategy was failing resulting in high churn. 

New features introduced on web and mobile for MYAPP were error prone due to unreliable and infrequent releases cycles.

The Solution

Reviewed key customer journeys and prioritised based on: Customer impact, Operational efficiency and Growth.

Optimised treatment across all journeys. 

Collected and unified data in DMP using Adobe Audience Manager (DMP), to capture 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data.

Utilised AI chat bot to automate simple tasks, add new product packages and switch on roaming packages. 

Reviewed and updated technology platform and DevOps process, to improve frequency and reliability of releases.


Traffic Increased by 27.3%, to 450M visits 

26% increase in usage of MYAPP

28% reduction in calls to customer services, through platform improvements and AI technologies.